SoBonus Points is a rewards program created purposely to value loyal customers. With this program, you can earn Points each time you purchase, Redeem your points into other products, and Exchange the points to other Loyalty Programs. Sign Up Now

To become a SoBonus member, you have to create a SoBonus account. You will automatically become a SoBonus member once your SoBonus account has been created. From there, you can start to Earn, Redeem, and Exchange your points. Sign Up Now

Currently you can earn Points by purchasing product items from SoBonus.

To earn Points, you must complete your payment and SoBonus will approve the payment in 7 Days.

We are sorry, but you will only be able to earn Points if you complete your payment without using a discount coupon code or promo codes.

You can easily check your Points status and transaction history on the SoBonus Wallet.

After completing your transaction, you will earn a certain amount of Points. These are called Pending Points, because it does not take place during real time. (Active on same time and date.)

Points are valid for 1 (one) year from the activation date. You may check your Points status on the SoBonus Wallet page.

You can redeem your Points and use those points to redeem products and rewards in full or use those points in conjunction with cash to purchase a product (SoBonus Points + Cash = Product Purchase). Also you can exchange your points in to another Loyalty Program. E.g: Sobonus Points → XYZ Group Points

Make sure you are logged in to your SoBonus account, then select ‘Redeem’ on the payment page during transaction. You should see that the total price of your transaction be reduced in accordance with the value of your Points.

1 Point is worth RM 0.01

The minimum Points required for redemption varies for each product. However, the Points that will be deducted from your account may vary and depends on the redeemed item’s price.

No. If the transaction is not completed, your Points will automatically be credited back to your account after the transaction expires.

We are sorry, but it is not possible to redeem your Points for cash.


If you submit a refund request for your purchase, the amount of Pending Points that you have earned from the purchase will be deducted automatically. This means that in the end, you will earn fewer Active Points.
Please also note that if you have used your Points to purchase a product then decide to refund the item, your Points will not be refunded or credited back to your account.

You can contact our customer service team and please provide your SoBonus purchase ID when you contact our team.